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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. —Nelson Mandela


Infant and Toddler Programs at Step by Step!


According to research by Cornell University, 80% of brain development occurs before the age of 3. If children need to be in care outside of the home during this time, it is essential that the care is in a quality program. This is our passion.  

All of our classes are designed with developmentally appropriate activities to promote learning and skill proficiency. In conjuction with curriculum, activities will also include art projects, music and movement, self-help skills, reading and stories, manipulatives to help develop fine and gross motor skills, outdoor activities and more.

Infant Class


Our infant room cares for children from birth until the time they will benefit from moving to the Toddler Class. In the infant room the schedules are set by each child, their needs, and rhythms. We encourage a continuous flow of communication between parents and caregiver to ensure that all of the child's needs are being met. Our environment is set up to provide infants with a secure base for exploration, to respond to their needs in sensitive ways and encourage early language development. Our teachers encourage interactions and learning though curriculum that is posted in the classroom for the parents to view.

Toddler Class

Our nurturing environment provides the structure that allows the toddlers to grow and learn while feeling safe and comfortable. Children are given daily opportunities to explore and learn through age appropriate toys and projects. Children in the Toddler Classroom are encouraged to use words and sign language to express their needs and wants. Our caregivers help children establish autonomy, support the children as they make the connections between the things they learn and guide them as they learn to regulate their behavior and actions. The activities in the Toddler Classroom are developed to create learning experiences and social experiences through play, projects, and activities. The children will follow a daily schedule, which is posted along with curriculum in the classroom for the parent to view.

Preschool and Transitional Kindergartner Programs at Step by Step!


Classes are designed with developmentally appropriate activities to promote learning and skill proficiency. Activities will also include a daily art project, music, self-help skills, reading and stories, manipulatives to help develop fine and gross motor skills and more. Time for free play, both indoor and outside, are set aside so that educational activities can be built upon.  The children will follow a daily schedule, which is posted in the classroom, along with the curriculum, for the parent to view. Parents are encouraged to utilize our open door policy and to be involved in special events. 

2- and 3-Year-Old Preschool Classes

​In our Preschool classes we foster a secure, supportive base for children’s learning and exploration. We create an enviornment to build and expand on healthy social and emotional growth. We assist children in developing language and cognitive skills in addition to constructing environments and experiences that help children develop their abilities. We provide developmentally appropriate activities daily that include; letter, shape and color recognition; circle time, reading, math, science, along with fine and gross motor development.Toilet training is provided. 

Transitional Kindergarten Class


Our Transitional Kindergarten is designed with developmentally appropriate activities to make the transition to Kindergarten an enjoyable experience without the over-stimulation of a large elementary school atmosphere. We keep our ratios for the TK Class at one teacher per every 8 students, this ratio provides for the appropriate care of these young children. We support their emotional development and well being, while developing the skills that will be required later in full day Kindergarten. In this class, we continue to teach the children language and cognitive skills. Daily activities include circle time, letter and number development, math, measurement, geometry, plus science and color recognition.

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