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Sandra Aguilar

Jennifer Aguilar Vasquez

I am a Lead Teacher at Step by Step Early Learning and Childcare Center and have been working here since 2018. Since working here, I have learned new techniques in how to take care of many children of different ages who have different development levels, and they learn at different speeds. I enjoy being able to help them grow and succeed.




I have been working really hard and staying focused to complete Early Childhood Education classes all while raising a family. It has not been easy. I feel my training and education in Early Childhood Education and Development has helped me grow as a teacher.

I have received my Child Development Associate teacher permit and am working toward obtaining my Teacher permit.


Teaching Philosophy


My teaching philosophy is to guide children and build a foundation so they will succeed in the future. In order to do that I believe the classroom should be a safe and caring community where the children are free to speak their minds, grow and always treat everyone with equality and respect. What I enjoy most about working with children is being able to help them learn something new every day.


How I Spend My Time


When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my children. We like to go on walks and hikes. One of the hobbies that I enjoy doing everyday is cooking for my family.

I started working at Step by Step in 2019 as a teachers aid. I usually float between rooms and work with children from infancy to about 2 ½ years old. I assist teachers with setting up and helping with daily activities and keeping class schedules. I enjoy being able to work with multiple age groups as I am learning about children’s development and education.



I am attending LTCC in the hopes of one day becoming a teacher. I am working towards my Associate teacher permit and after that will work on my Bachelor's degree. I was awarded a Certificate of Recognition for taking action on behalf of a child in need. I was also awarded with a State Seal of Biliteracy for mastering a second language. This allows me to communicate with our families in Spanish and English to assist both our staff and families in communication.


Teaching Philosophy


I believe the classroom should be a safe environment for children to express themselves freely as they would at home. I enjoy being able to watch the children grow and learn. It is an accomplishment when a child is able to understand and process what you teach them. It also shows that you are giving a child knowledge and building a foundation about something they will soon need and utilize for the rest of their lives.


How I Spend My Time

In my free time I enjoy going to the beach and hanging out with my friends and family.

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