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Claudia Rodriguez

I work with children birth up to 4 years old. I have been working at Step by Step since 2019 and I love it. I enjoy being with the kids and interacting with them. Their smiles, laughter and excitement showing me what they made or learned really brighten my days.




Currently I am taking online courses to improve my knowledge of the children as well as their growth and development. My current goals are to take more classes to continue learning about children and how to be a more effective teacher. I am working toward obtaining my Associate teacher permit. I am also working towards learning and comprehending English better so I can interact with all the children comfortably in their native language.


Teaching Philosophy


I believe that children learn through discovery and interaction. Key social skills are developed in early ages during childhood. In our classroom we modify the curriculum so that the children interact with each other while learning.      


How I Spend My Time


In spend my spare time with my children and my husband. We love talking, telling stories and watching movies together. I also like to go shopping on the weekends.


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