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Daisy Rojas

I am the lead teacher for the infants who are 0-12 months old. I´ve been working at Step by Step since 2017 and my passion is working with infants. I love everything about them and enjoy every moment I get to spend with them. Their smiles and laughter brighten my days.


I´ve been attending Lake Tahoe Community College studying Early Childhood Education and Development since 2015. I graduated in 2020 with an AA Degree in Early Childhood Education. I currently have my Associate teacher permit and am working toward obtaining my Site Supervisor permit by taking more administrative classes to further my Early Childhood education career.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe at this stage in an infant's life, children learn through play which is why it is so important to set up intentional play and facilitate exploration. What I enjoy most about working with children is being able to watch them grow, seeing their development and just being a part of their life even after they leave my room. I enjoy watching all the different and new things they learn such as when they first learn to crawl or walk, it´s very exciting to see them do new things each day.

How I Spend My Time

Apart from working with children, what I enjoy doing in my free time is taking a drive through the beautiful mountains we have here in Tahoe while listening to music. That quiet time taking in the scenery gives me time to think and reflect on all the amazing children I was able to have a positive influence on for the rest of their lives. Family is also important to me.  I like to come home to my boyfriend, my daughter, and my family. I enjoy spending the day with all of them and just have quality family time.

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